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Mount Ararat, Turkey




7 days

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Reach the summit of the snow-capped Mount Ararat

Embark on an unforgettable 6-day Mount Ararat hiking expedition in Turkey, boasting an impressive 99% success rate.

Stand proudly atop Turkey’s highest peak at the breathtaking summit of Mount Ararat.

Tour Plan

On this day, we’ll greet you at the Igdir Airport and provide transportation to your hotel.

If you wish you can also fly to Agri or Van Airport, but the transportation to Doğubeyazıt will take longer.

 Driving time: 1 hour

We’ll arrive in Çevirme Village (with an altitude of 2200 m) next to Mount Ararat.

At this point, our carriers will handle our equipment and transfer it to the camp using mules. This is also where our hike will begin.

After a comfortable hike of about 5 hours, we’ll arrive at the first camp at 3200 m.

 Driving time: 1 hour

Hiking duration: 5 hours

Ascent: 1100 m

We’ll begin our hike to the second camp at 4200 m to conduct acclimatization exercises.

Even though it’s a much harder stage compared to the previous day, we’ll arrive at the second camp in about 4 hours. We’ll rest here for one hour and do little walks around the second camp. And then we’ll start our descent to the first camp at 3200 meters.

We’ll have plenty of opportunities to rest at the camp before the summit climb, which we’ll reach after a two-hour hike.

 Hiking duration: 6 hours

 Ascent: 1020 m

 Descent: 900 m

After breakfast, we’ll start our climb again to the second camp at 4200 meters.

After this climb, we’ll spend the night in the second camp at 4200 meters. Here we’ll do our equipment check and we’ll prepare our bags for the summit climb which we’ll start at midnight.

 Hiking duration: 4 hours

Ascent: 900 m

After a night of rest, our summit climb will start with waking up at the time our guide has determined. We will reach the summit in about 6 hours.

After resting for half an hour at the summit, we’ll head towards to the second camp at 4.200 meters. After around 3 hours, we’ll reach the second camp where we’ll rest for about an hour and start our descent to the first camp at 3200 meters, where we’ll spend our last night on the mountain.

 Hiking duration: 12 hours

Ascent: 960 m

 Descent: 1900 m

We’ll have breakfast. After which we’ll start our descent to the 2200 meters where the vehicle transfer point is. We’ll arrive at this point 3 hours later and then get transferred to our hotel.

Hiking duration: 3 - 4 hours

 Descent: 1100 m

 Driving time: 1 hour

This adventurous, tour program will end today with us making sure you get to the airport safely. After this program, we hope we’ll meet with you on more different routes and cities

 Driving time: 1 hour


  • Meet & greet at the Iğdır airport
  • Return airport transfer and all land transfers within the tour
  • 2 x accommodation in a hotel in Doğubeyazıt area on bed & breakfast basis in twin or double rooms
  • Accommodation in tents for 2 people on the mountain with a double mattress
  • Local team: qualified guides, assistant guides, cook – depending on the number of people in the group
  • A mule/horse that carries 15 kg of your luggage (duffle bag)
  • All the food on the mountain: breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner
  • Unlimited amount of (cold or hot) water on Ararat trekking for drinking
  • Crampons for the summit day (shoe number EU 36-46)
  • Summit certificate
  • Organization and taxes


  • Ararat mountain permit (paid on arrival) – 50 €/per person for EU citizens
  • Tips or gratitude
  • Single room in Doğubeyazıt and single-use tent on the mountain – 110 €/per person
  • Heath and travel insurance that covers hiking up to 6000 m
  • Flights or tour extensions
  • Food and drinks before/after the climb, personal expenses, and souvenirs

Other Information

Trip Information

Before and after the trek you are accommodated in a hotel in Doğubeyazıt in double or twin rooms. A single-room supplement is not obligatory unless you want a room for yourself; otherwise, we find you a same-sex roommate. Triple rooms are possible to arrange on request.

During the Ararat hiking tour, you sleep in quality high-altitude tents – two people of the same-sex share the tent. Double mattresses are provided, but for your comfort bring a warm sleeping bag and a pillow.

Our Izimanija team members will wait for you outside Igdir International Airport (or Agri or Van Airport upon request) and take you to the accommodation in Doğubeyazıt. All land transports within the program are included in the price. For smaller groups, we use taxis/cars/vans and for bigger groups minibuses/buses, private.

Food and drinks
Our cook will daily provide you with the proper amount of food. Breakfast consists of eggs, pancakes, jam, fruits, peanut butter, bread, tea, coffee and similar. For lunchtime, you get snacks and make sandwiches you like. For dinner, there is always a tasty soup along with BBQ, rice, french fries, pasta, potatoes, salad, various meat (chicken, beef), fresh fruits and similar are served.

An unlimited amount of hot or cold water is provided daily during the trek. We provide you with tea bags, coffee, milk powder, and similar; but it is advisable to bring your extras to mix the cold water.

Health and Safety
You need to have your health insurance that covers trekking up to 6000 m with you. Mountain rescuing is not as well developed as in Europe. Please consult with your doctor before coming.

Turkey is generally a safe country and the Kurdish people we work with are very trustworthy.

Tips and money
The official currency in Turkey is the Turkish lira TRY (1 € = cca 33 TRY) and you can change it in the town of Doğubeyazıt. Airport exchange offices have a big worse exchange rate.

For an appreciation of the staff, there is an optional tip, which you give to the main guide on the last morning of the trek, so he can share it with other team members.

Equipment and luggage
We send you the equipment list once you apply for the tour. Unfortunately, there is no big possibility of renting the equipment (like a sleeping bag) in Doğubeyazıt, so you need to bring everything from the list with you.

During Ararat trekking, you can leave your extra stuff at the accommodation till you return. Luggage storage is free of charge.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

400 € of the payment at the time of booking; the rest on arrival in Euros EUR.

For cancellations more than 30 days prior arrival we keep 50 € per person; for cancellations 29-15 days prior arrival we keep 100 € per person; for cancellations 14 days prior arrival or no-show we keep the full amount.

*The trip can only be rescheduled once free of charge if we are informed no later than 30 days before the arrival. Price difference may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to pack?

The equipment list we send you once you sign in for the tour. In short you need a warm sleeping bag, comfortable hiking boots, and warm clothes, because the temperatures can be as low as – 10 °C.

How difficult is Ararat climb?

Mt Ararat or Agri Dagi is regarded as one of the easiest 5000-ers you can get, but do not forget it’s still more than 5000 m high.

High altitude sickness can occur like headaches. For the summit day, you need to be physically fit. Walking with crampons on the plateau is easy, so do not worry if it will be your first time.

How does the environment on Mt Ararat look like?

The trek starts in Cevirme village, a grassy landscape full of livestock and shepherds’ dogs. Above 3400 m the grass changes to loose stones, and closer to the summit to snow. If there has been no rain lately, the visibility is limited.

Can I rent the equipment in Doğubeyazıt?

Unfortunately not. If it happens your duffle bag is lost by the airline, we will try to provide you with complementary equipment for trekking, which might be of a lower quality.

There are, indeed, some small shops in Doğubeyazıt with very limited mountain equipment.

How to prepare for trekking Ararat?

If you are a sporty person there should not be a problem. You should run, cycle, or do other cardio sports. Mountains experiences are very helpful.

We recommend you do a 12h-long night hike with a cca 2000 m elevation gain and a 3-day hike with a cca 1600 m+ elevation gain daily. After all, you need to be stubborn, persistent, motivated, and goal-oriented.

Inquire Risk-Free: No Obligation to Pay

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Extra night accommodation (B&B)


An additional night’s stay in a hotel, lodge beyond what was initially booked. It’s a good idea to consider the local attractions and activities available during the extended stay to make the most of the additional time in the destination.

Lake Van and Akdamar Island (Day Trip)


Lake Van and Akdamar Island are located in eastern Turkey, offering a stunning natural and cultural experience. The lake is the largest in Turkey and is surrounded by picturesque landscapes. Take some time to enjoy the scenic views and the tranquility of the lake.

From the shores of Lake Van, take a boat trip to Akdamar Island. The boat ride itself is a delightful experience as you’ll be surrounded by the clear waters and mountains.

The main attraction on Akdamar Island is the Akdamar Church (Church of the Holy Cross). This Armenian church dates back to the 10th century and is known for its intricate stone carvings and historical significance.

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