Winter Wonderland in Lapland

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Embark on an unforgettable adventure to Winter wonderland in Finland! 

Enjoyment rate: 100 %

Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland in Finland, is a popular winter destination for several compelling reasons: Arctic Circle Crossing, Santa Claus Village, Northern Lights; Winter Activities, Snow-covered Scenery, Unique Accommodations, Winter Festivals and Events, Saunas and Wellness.

Overall, Rovaniemi in winter offers a magical and unforgettable experience with a combination of festive cheer, Arctic adventures, and natural wonders.

Tour Plan

Arrival to the Finish region of Lapland at the time of the polar night.

Transfer to the accommodation in Rovaniemi. Free time. Good night.

Drive time: 30 min

Morning drive to Sweden and get aboard of the real icebreaker. The Bothnian Bay freezes over during the winter months, and the icebreakers keep the lanes open for traffic to the Arctic ports. At the break you will try ice floating in a special survival suit in the icy Bothnian bay. Return to Rovaniemi in the afternoon. Free time. Overnight.

Drive time: 4-5 hours

A day full of adventures. You will ride a snowmobile through breathtaking Arctic Circle forests. You will meet local Reindeer and Alaskan Huskies, and enjoy sleigh rides like real Santa Claus. Free afternoon to explore the picturesque Santa Claus Village.

Drive time: 1 hour

Embark on a guided tour of Ranua Zoo in Rovaniemi and experience arctic nature up close. See over 50 species of arctic animals including the rare polar bears among many other top predators like the lynx, wolves, wolverines, snow owls, and eagles along the 2,5km walking trail at the zoo. Warm up with a nice buffet style lunch at the Wild Arctic Restaurant and taste traditional Finnish food. Afterwards, shop at Finland’s famous chocolate and candy brand, Fazer, at the zoo store for the best and possibly cheapest candy deal in the country. Leave your day at the arctic zoo with a strong sense of what wildlife goes through in Finland, as well as in other cold climates.

Drive time: 3-4 hours

Put the pedal to the metal and challenge your colleagues, friends, or family to a fun race on ice during this arctic ice karting experience in Rovaniemi. Speed and drift along a 500-meter-long track.

The last evening we will discover winter wonderland of the Arctic Snow Hotel; see the hotel rooms, the Ice Bar, Ice Chapel and Ice Restaurant made of snow and ice. Overnight.

Drive time: 1 hour

Transfer to Rovaniemi Airport. We wish you a safe travel back home.

Drive time: 30 min


  • All transfers from Rovaniemi town every day for the tours
  • Icebreaker tour with buffet lunch included
  • Reindeer sleigh ride, Husky sleigh ride and snowmobile ride
  • Ranua Zoo trip with buffet lunch included
  • Ice karting experience
  • Farewell dinner at the Snow Hotel
  • Organization and taxes


  • Airport transfers (you can use Santa bus for cca 8 €/ each way)
  • Accommodation in Rovaniemi - please book far ahead to get affordable place
  • Heath and travel insurance
  • Flights or tour extensions
  • Food and drinks during the tour, personal expenses, and souvenirs.

Other Information

Trip Information


Rovaniemi offers a variety of accommodations to suit different preferences and budgets. When planning your stay in Rovaniemi, consider factors such as location, amenities, and the type of experience you’re seeking. It’s advisable to book accommodations in advance, especially during the peak winter season when Rovaniemi attracts many visitors. Popular booking platforms and official websites of the accommodations themselves are good places to find and secure your preferred lodging.

If you arrive in Rovaniemi by air, there are shuttle services connecting the airport to the city center and other solutions are Taxi or Uber. During our trips we will have shared (mini)buses or vans. You will also explore the most unique way of transportation, using reindeers and huskies.

Food and drinks
Rovaniemi offers a diverse range of food and drinks, influenced by Finnish and Lappish culinary traditions. Traditional Lappish Restaurants are Nili Restaurant: Known for its Lappish delicacies, Nili offers a cozy and authentic atmosphere. Another Lappish restaurant is Sirmakko: A traditional Lappish restaurant serving local ingredients and dishes. It’s advisable to book in advance.

Health and Safety
You need to have your health insurance with you.
Ensuring health and safety is essential when visiting Lapland, especially considering its unique Arctic environment and winter conditions. Lapland experiences harsh winter conditions with extremely cold temperatures. Dress in layers, including thermal clothing, and wear appropriate winter gear, such as insulated jackets, hats, gloves, and waterproof boots.

Finland is generally a safe country and local people we work with are very trustworthy.

Tips and money
The official currency in Finland is the euro EUR
. Payments by credit cards are widely accepted, but there are some places where they accept cash only.

Tipping is not as common as in some other countries, as service charges are often included. However, it’s still customary to round up the bill or leave a small tip if you’re satisfied with the service.

Equipment and luggage
When preparing for a winter trip to Lapland, it’s important to have the right equipment to stay warm, comfortable, and safe in the cold Arctic conditions.

Remember that conditions in Lapland can be harsh, so it’s crucial to prioritize safety and warmth. Check the weather forecast regularly and be prepared for sudden changes in weather. Additionally, consider the specific activities you plan to engage in, such as Northern Lights viewing or winter sports, and tailor your equipment accordingly.

As you probably stay at the same accommodation the entire stay, you only take a daily pack with you on the day trip.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

50 % of the payment at the time of booking; the rest must be paid by 30 days before the tour starts

For cancellations more than 30 days before arrival, we keep 50 € per person; for cancellations 29-15 days before arrival we keep 100 € per person; for later cancellations or no show we keep the full amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent a winter equipment in Rovaniemi?

Of course. We will provide you with extra warm winter equipment, but you need to come dressed very warm in the first place.

What to pack for Winter Wonderland in Lapland?

Here’s a list of essential equipment for a winter visit to Lapland:

  1. Insulated Clothing:
    • Thermal Base Layers: Wear moisture-wicking and insulating base layers to keep your body warm and dry.
    • Insulated Jacket and Pants: Invest in high-quality, insulated outerwear to protect against the cold.
    • Waterproof Outer Shell: A waterproof and windproof outer layer will provide protection from snow and sleet.
  2. Winter Accessories:
    • Warm Hat: Choose a hat that covers your ears to prevent heat loss.
    • Insulated Gloves or Mittens: Keep your hands warm with well-insulated and waterproof gloves or mittens.
    • Scarf or Neck Gaiter: Protect your neck and face from cold winds.
    • Thick Socks: Wear moisture-wicking, thermal socks to keep your feet warm.
  3. Footwear:
    • Insulated Winter Boots: Choose waterproof and insulated boots suitable for walking in snow.
    • Ice Grips or Crampons: For added traction on icy surfaces.
  4. Eyewear:
    • Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the reflection of the snow, especially when the sun is shining.
  5. Outdoor Gear:
    • Snowshoes: If you plan to explore areas with deep snow, snowshoes can be useful.
    • Trekking Poles: Provide stability and support when walking on slippery surfaces.
    • Headlamp or Flashlight: Days can be short in winter, and having a reliable light source is essential.
  6. Travel Accessories:
    • Power Bank: Cold temperatures can affect battery life, so bring a power bank for your electronic devices.
    • Travel Adapter: Ensure you have the right power adapter for your devices.
  7. Camera Gear:
    • Camera with Cold-Weather Battery: If you’re into photography, make sure your camera and batteries are designed for cold temperatures.
    • Protective Camera Bag: A weather-resistant bag will help protect your camera gear.
  8. Backpack:
    • Daypack: Use a small backpack to carry essentials and extra layers during outdoor activities.
  9. Emergency Gear:
    • First Aid Kit: Include basic medical supplies suitable for cold weather conditions.
    • Emergency Whistle: Carry a whistle for safety in case of emergencies.
  10. Navigation Tools:
    • Map and Compass: Familiarize yourself with the area and carry a map and compass, especially if you’re venturing into remote locations.

How cold can it get in Lapland in winter?

Lapland experiences extremely cold temperatures during the winter months due to its location in the Arctic Circle. The temperatures can vary based on the specific location within Lapland, as well as the time of winter. Here are some general guidelines:

  1. December to February:
    • During the peak of winter, temperatures in Lapland can drop well below freezing. Daytime temperatures often range from -10 to -20 degrees Celsius (14 to -4 degrees Fahrenheit), while nighttime temperatures can plummet even lower, reaching -30 degrees Celsius (-22 degrees Fahrenheit) or colder.
  2. Arctic Cold Spells:
    • Occasionally, especially during Arctic cold spells, temperatures can drop to extreme levels, reaching below -40 degrees Celsius (-40 degrees Fahrenheit). These cold spells are typically short-lived but can be intense.
  3. Wind Chill Factor:
    • The wind chill factor can make temperatures feel even colder. Windy conditions, which are not uncommon in winter, can significantly affect the perceived temperature.

It’s important to note that Lapland’s winter weather is characterized by a prolonged period of darkness, with only a few hours of daylight each day. This darkness contributes to the extreme cold, and visitors should be well-prepared with appropriate clothing and gear when exploring the region during winter.

If you plan to visit Lapland in winter, make sure to dress in layers, including thermal clothing, and wear insulated outerwear. High-quality winter boots, gloves, a hat, and a scarf are essential to protect against the cold. Additionally, keep an eye on weather forecasts and be aware of any specific weather conditions, such as snowstorms or cold fronts, during your stay.

How does polar night look like?

The polar night, also known as the polar winter, occurs in the polar regions, including parts of Lapland, during the winter months. It is characterized by an extended period of darkness when the sun remains below the horizon. The exact duration of the polar night varies depending on the specific location within the Arctic Circle.

Here’s how the polar night typically looks like:

  1. Complete Darkness:
    • During the polar night, the sun does not rise above the horizon for an extended period. In Lapland, this period can last for several weeks, with the darkest time usually occurring around the December solstice.
  2. Twilight Period:
    • While the sun remains below the horizon, there is a period of twilight when the sky is not completely dark. This twilight phase provides a dim illumination, creating a beautiful blueish or purplish hue in the sky.
  3. Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis):
    • The polar night is an excellent time to witness the Northern Lights. The absence of daylight allows for optimal visibility of the auroras. The dancing lights in the night sky add a magical and enchanting element to the polar night experience.
  4. Artificial Lighting:
    • In urban areas and towns, artificial lighting becomes crucial during the polar night. Streets, buildings, and landmarks are illuminated to provide visibility and create a cozy atmosphere.
  5. Snow-covered Landscapes:
    • Lapland is often covered in a blanket of snow during the winter months. The polar night transforms the landscape into a serene and peaceful winter wonderland, with the snow reflecting any available light.
  6. Unique Atmosphere:
    • The polar night creates a unique and otherworldly atmosphere. The stillness, the subdued lighting, and the potential for Northern Lights make it a special time for those who appreciate the beauty of the Arctic winter.

It’s important to note that even during the polar night, there is a gradual transition from complete darkness to the return of daylight as the winter progresses. Visitors to Lapland during this time should embrace the darkness and take advantage of the opportunities to witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights, explore the snow-covered landscapes, and experience the unique charm of the Arctic winter.

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Ice Fishing Experience (3 hours)


Ice fishing is a popular winter activity where individuals fish through holes cut into the surface of frozen bodies of water. It’s a unique and often social way of enjoying fishing during the colder months when lakes and rivers are covered with ice.

Aurora Borealis Trip (4 hours)


An Aurora Borealis trip, also known as a Northern Lights trip, is an exciting adventure for those seeking to witness the mesmerizing natural light display in the polar regions. Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon, and visibility is not guaranteed. Be patient and enjoy the experience of being in the Arctic or subarctic environment.

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